Material Handling as a Service

Booking transport orders on demand, anytime.

Our platform connects a qualified operator with the vehicle tailored to the customer's use case. Our transport services can be booked around the clock and the customer only pays according to the booked orders and can thus reduce their costs. 

In this way, we solve the shortage of skilled workers and immediately increase flexibility with high reliability. With the innovative combination of remote driving and automation, we integrate automation step by step.

  1. Limited availability of employees

    Order volume cannot be fulfilled on time due to an acute or general shortage of drivers.
  2. enabl connects

    Orders are automatically transferred to our system via the WMS. Our operators assist the automated vehicles remotely.
  3. Receive transport

    The vehicles fulfill the orders automatically or with a human operator. Customers pay for the requested orders according to the "pay-per-use" principle.

Why Materialhandling as a Service

Drivers connect with the forklift.

Our system brings flexibility to a rigid work environment. In addition to the existing drivers, transport orders can be flexibly outsourced via our platform. This helps to compensate for any lack of personnel and enables quick responses to fluctuations. Additionally, we reduce costs by minimizing expensive waiting times.

Degree of automation of industrial trucks
>100% growth of the industrial truck market within 10 years
Unfilled positions for forklift drivers.
Skilled labor shortage as a overarching challenge for the entire industry.
Cost reduction
Our price includes the vehicle, driver and service.
Availability and flexibility
Our operators are always ready.

Use cases

Our system allows us to deploy vehicles remotely via the internet just as flexibly as a driver could on the vehicle. Through extensive environmental perception and sensor technology, our operators can handle nearly any task.

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Loading and unloading trucks

As a typical use case, our operators can reliably and quickly load and unload trucks. This alleviates the workload on incoming and outgoing goods for our customers. Since our technology is optimized for both forklifts and high-speed pallet trucks, appropriate vehicles can be deployed.

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Various vehicles

To meet the individual needs of our customers, our offering supports various types of vehicles such as counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, high-speed trucks, and side loaders. This ensures that our service is always tailored to fit the customer's warehouse.

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Transporting pallets / storing and retrieving

In addition to simply moving load carriers from A to B, we can essentially handle all types of transportation. Regardless of the type of load carrier, we can store goods in all types of shelves or in block storage. The shape, size, and condition of the load carriers are irrelevant in this regard.

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Remote control

Through our intuitive and performant remote control, we can replicate nearly all use cases as in conventional forklift operations for our customers.

How does it work?

We retrofit conventional vehicles with sensors and electronics. The vehicle communicates with a remote workstation via a network so that a remote driver can control the vehicle at any time. We are gradually integrating more and more automation functions via AI in order to be able to offer the best vehicle automation by 2030. The combination of human and machine gives us maximum flexibility and reliability.

IT integration

Our IT experts get in touch with those of the customer and plan the integration into the existing IT.

WMS integration

Our digital platform enables customers to seamlessly connect their warehouse management system with our digital interface. By integrating with the customer's warehouse management system, orders can be automatically assigned to our drivers.


The customer pays per driven order. This eliminates expensive standing and waiting times and the customer can reduce costs. The onetime costs are very low compared to classic automation solutions.


We address the skilled labor shortage in Europe through our Forklift Remote Automation System and our service platform. Now.

What our customers and partners are saying.

  • Testimonial 1
    In Europe, we already face a significant shortage of skilled workers today. This shortage is particularly noticeable in logistic processes when store shelves remain empty. As autonomous driving is hardly economically feasible in many environmental situations, especially with older infrastructure, I see great potential for remote driving of forklifts.

    With remote driving of forklifts, new possibilities emerge for managing driving tasks. It is possible to control forklifts flexibly and independently of location. This opens up great potential to connect skilled workers from distant regions in Europe or worldwide, to counteract the shortage of skilled labor in Europe.
    Mario Caleta
    Head of Academy - ProServ
  • Testimonial 2
    We have recognized that future logistics requirements need more innovations.

    People will continue to handle the daily business in logistics. With this product, we aim to specifically impact our employee resources and connect them across European locations. Furthermore, "Material Handling as a Service" is intended to accompany our future growth and fill the gaps and fluctuations in the market.
    Norbert Cavar
    Head of Logistics - aluplast

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